Kenyon was an assistant who worked for notable Dr. Zodus in the 1940s. By 1946, he sought to obtain the secret formula that Zodus was working on and claim it as his own. To this end he sought to eliminate Zodus by helping out the disgraced Dr. Bradley. Earlier, Bradley had been expelled from the doctor community and had his medical license revoked for his horrifying experiments in trying to keep the bodies of living creatures alive with a head. Kenyon helped Bradley continue his experiments in secret, however they all ended in failure.


Wanting his revenge on his former colleagues, Bradley worked with Kenyon to construct a mechanical suit using the hollowed out body of one of their victims. Adorned with a fish bowl, Kenyon wore the suit and made it appear as though Bradley had succeeded in his experiments. They then crashed a banquet dinner being held by Dr. Zodus, where Kenyon -- as the Headless Man -- murdered Bradley's first target, Dr. Rogers. In the process of killing Rogers, Kenyon was attacked by the Sub-Mariner but escaped from the hero. Later, when the Sub-Mariner and the police were investigating Bradley's much publicized revenge plot, they interviewed Kenyon who led the police to believe he'd be the next victim. Resuming his identity of the Headless Man, Kenyon then killed Dr. Zodus, and was once more opposed by the Sub-Mariner. Kenyon was ready for the hero this time and doused him with knock out gas and kidnapped Zodus' daughter Helen before fleeing back to the launch that acted as his and Bradley's hideout.

The Sub-Mariner followed Kenyon there but was knocked out again by Kenyon and Bradley. They then placed Namor and Helen in an air tight concrete coffin and dumped them overboard at Devil's Rock. With Zodus dead, and the formula his, Kenyon then decided to betray Bradley and attempted to kill him. However, Namor managed to free himself and Helen and returned to the launch. The hero saved Bradley's life and easily subdued the Headless Man, revealing him to be Kenyon in disguise. Turned over to the authorities, Kenyon and Bradley confessed to their crimes.[1]

Kenyon's subsequent fate is unknown.


When masquerading as the Headless Man, Kenyon wore a mechanical body suit adorned with a fish bowl to give him the appearance that he had the body of a much larger man with no head. It would appear that the suit also enhanced Kenyon's strength as he was able to knock out the Sub-Mariner in physical combat.


Kenyon carried a gas gun that sprayed knock out gas.

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