The man given the nickname Healer was a mutant who paid money to Someday Enterprises in order to be put in suspended animation until the threat of the Terrigen Mist passed. During transport of one of Someday's vehicles, they were stopped by Magneto and his group of X-Men.

Healer (Someday Enterprises) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 4 1 002

Using his powers

After defeat of the guards, Psylocke began to open the stasis pods to let their occupants out. She noticed that one pod was struck by some shrapnel and the mutant inside was hurt, so she did a psi-scan and learned that a healer was among them. He reluctantly used his abilities to heal the damage done to the young man and the X-Men then left Healer and the other mutants to find their own way through Detroit.

Healer later noticed a sick homeless mother and her son in the slums. He told the young boy that he could save his mother, then put his hand above the woman's head and she started to feel the heaviness in her chest and throat disappear, healing her completely. After telling her that there was no need for thanks, the healer was shot in the head by Gauntlet of the Dark Riders not because he was a mutant, rather just for the fact that he was a healer.[1]

Healer (Someday Enterprises) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 4 1 003

Shot in the head

Psylocke then helped Magneto break into the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office to examine the healer's corpse in order to garner any potential leads into who might be responsible for his death.[2]


Healing: He possessed the mutant ability to be able to heal injuries like broken bones and stab wounds, as well as cure diseases as he did to with the homeless woman. The full range of his powers are unknown.[1]

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