For 20,000 years, the Heart of Darkness had been thought destroyed, and it was said that the race which created it, upon learning what they had made, committed planetary suicide.[1]

The Heart of Darkness fell to Earth more than 20000 years ago. 300 years ago, a member of the Yin, an ancient Chinese order, was searching for mystical objects and found the Heart. 50 years later, he died after the orb reduced his body and spirit to nothing. Before dying, he gave the Heart its name.[2]

In modern times, the Mandarin entered the castle the member of the Yin formerly owned and found the Heart of Darkness. The Heart of Darkness had been calling out to him, and after touching it, the Heart of Darkness showed the Mandarin that his past defeats were destined so that he become his present self. After battling his past selves to overcome his failing, the Mandarin was granted the power of the Heart, which he used to turn China into a medieval kingdom to rid it of technology.[3][4]

Iron Man, Force Works, and War Machine fought the Mandarin and his team Avatars.[5][6][7]

Iron Man managed to defeat the Mandarin by infecting him with an techno-organic virus. Infected with technology, the Heart rejected the Mandarin and vanished in a mystical explosion. It was believed that the Mandarin died in the explosion, but he actually survived and had been transformed into a janitor working in Hong Kong.[1]


The Heart of Darkness grant its wielders a variety of abilities, including the power to teleport people and objects from far away and generate an energy field that cancels technology and reverts it to an ancient version of itself. It could also be used to grant people powers as the Mandarin used it to create mystical masks that gave his Avatars their powers.

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