Once every 88 years, during a heavenly convergence, each of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven occupy the same space and time to create a place called the Heart of Heaven. It is at this time that each of these cities brings together their Immortal Weapons to do combat in a tournament for the right to earn a spot on the Earthly realm. The winner's city can appear on Earth once every decade while the losing cities only appear once every five decades. The Heart of Heaven is a palace with aspects of every city that make it up and includes aspects of Earth as well. The palace is unlike any place any have ever been to, and has rules and laws only unto itself. The Heart is the starting place for each match in the tournament, but if the combatants break the borders of the palace, they could end up fighting almost anywhere else.[citation needed]

The Heart of Heaven, just as each of the seven cities, was threatened by Hydra, under the leadership of a man named Mr. Xao, who promised to destroy the ancient city of K'un-Lun. The Immortal Weapons drove back Hydra and Xao's plans were ruined. A winner of the tournament was never declared, but it can be assumed the Heart of Heaven will return in another 88 years to begin the tournament again.[citation needed]

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Made up from the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven: (K'un-LunK'un-ZiPeng LaiZ'GamboUnder CityTiger IslandKingdom of Spiders)

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