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The Heart of the Voldi, as it became known, was one of the many components of the Godkiller Armor created by the Aspirants. After the Aspirants used the Godkiller to annihilate the Celestials, the Godkiller was stripped to provide the Aspirants' fleets with key elements. However, the Aspirants entered a civil war, giving the Celestials time to recover and crush them.

The Rigellian Recorder 451 learned of the existence of the Godkiller and intended to use it was a nucelar deterrent for Earth. He spent hundred of years locating the required precursor components to reactivate it, including a pience that ended up in possession of the alien race Voldi, becoming known as the Heart of the Voldi.[2] The Voldi used the Heart to cloak themselves from the cosmic beings from whom they leeched energy to power the Voldi Tear, their artificial homeplanet.

In the present, Recorder 451 drew Iron Man to the Voldi Tear to use his presence as a diversion, since he was considered a deicide for taking part in an attempt to destroy the Phoenix Force, one of the beings the Voldi drew power from and worshipped.[3] After Stark was arrested, 451 approached him and suggested he demanded a trial-by-combat which would serve as a distraction while the robot retrieve his Iron Man Armor to escape. However, in addition of sending out Stark's armor to him, 451 also stole the Heart of the Voldi,[4] leaving the Voldi exposed. Shortly after Iron Man had fled from the Voldi Tear, the Celestials arrived, having become aware of the Voldi's existence, and annihilated them.[1]

After capturing Iron Man,[1] 451 took him and the Heart of the Voldi to the Dyson sphere where the Godkiller Armor was being stored.[5] He placed back the Heart of the Voldi in the Godkiller, and reactivated it.[2] Following 451's suicide, the Godkiller Armor was phased out of reality, with the Heart of the Voldi still inside.[6]


* The Heart of the Voldi is a cloaking device capable of completely avoiding the perception of cosmic beings like the Celestials.[1]

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