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The Heartstar was created by two advanced aliens known as Spa-fon and Squa-tront. It was known as the "Messianic Sidda-Complex," the "Heartstar of the space between galaxies.[1]

The Captain

"The Captain"

The alien pair came to Earth in hopes of bestowing upon someone the "Messianic Siddha-complex" so that they could "rescue their fellows from this terrible environment." After nearly giving up the search, they came upon the person who would come to be called "The Captain" drunkenly singing down the road. When they empowered him, he proceeded to beat them to death as he thought that Leprechauns turned into gold coins when you hit them. Following their death the Captain then tried to steal their wallets but ended up throwing up on them instead.[1]


Heartstar: The User possesses what are, by his description, a "generic set of special superhero abilities" as a result of possessing the Heartstar.

  • Superhuman Strength: The User is so absurdly strong that he once smacked someone's spine out through their lungs just by patting them on the back; in his defense, he was quite extraordinarily drunk. At his peak, he can lift approximately 95 tons.
  • Superhuman Stamina: The User 's augmented musculature generates less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a normal human. While the full limits of his stamina aren't known, he can at least exert himself at peak capacity for several hours without tiring.
  • Superhuman Durability: The User has augmented bodily tissues, making them much more resistant to physical injury than the tissues of a normal human. He can withstand high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, powerful energy blasts, and great impact forces without sustaining injury.
  • Superhuman Sight: The User's sight has been augmented by the Heartstar, allowing him to see much further and with greater clarity than an ordinary human.
  • Flight: The User is able to propel himself through the air for extended periods of time. The maximum speed he can reach while in flight isn't exactly known, but it is known to be significantly lower than the Speed of Sound.

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