The original Heather Douglass was an assassin who operated in New York for three years while working for the mob and Paragon Corporation before being reported as deceased from a car crash many years ago.[1] However, clones of Douglas were active in New York City as assassins and priests made by the Enclave cult that worshiped by being known as Gah Lak Tus and anticipated his coming. One clone attempted an assassination of the "Silver Wings" Herald of Gah Lak Tus. This clone was thwarted by Misty Knight (who benefited from assistance from Captain America and the Falcon).[1]

The clone (or perhaps another clone) claimed to be a "priestess" who had been studying Gah Lak Tus for a number of years. As such, the clones claimed to be the only individuals capable of interacting with this god. An army of clones attacked the Triskelion in an attempt to prevent Charles Xavier and Jean Grey from destroying Gah Lak Tus with their Cerebro technology. In a bloody battle, the clones were largely destroyed by the X-Men and the Ultimates.[2]


The clones were given enhanced endurance, stamina, and strength as well as possible telepathy as part of their cloning process.


Heather Douglas' clones possessed excessive training in military combat training and experience in espionage skills.

Strength level

About 800 lbs


Sniper rifle

  • During her interrogation with SHIELD, Douglas knew what her interrogators were saying about her behind a soundproof door. This indicates that she has telepathic powers, perhaps similar to her Earth-616 counterpart.[3]

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