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Early Life[]

Heather Glenn was born into a life of privilege and opulence in the bustling city of New York City. Coming from a wealthy family, her early years were shaped by the affluence and sophistication that accompanied her upbringing. Heather's father, Maxwell Glenn, served as the CEO of the prestigious Glenn Industries, a prominent company with a notable presence in the corporate landscape. Growing up in the lap of luxury, Heather enjoyed the benefits of her family's wealth and social standing. The Glenn name was synonymous with success, and their residence in the heart of New York City reflected their high status. Raised in an environment where every need was met, Heather's childhood was marked by privilege, attending elite schools and being exposed to the city's elite social circles.[1]

Meeting Matt Murdock[]

Heather, having dated a man named Franky, found herself with the spare key to his apartment, unaware of his disappearance. Upon discovering Matt Murdock in Franky's apartment, Heather, charmed by his appearance, kissed his cheek before bidding him farewell.[2] Returning to her home, Heather watched TV until Matt arrived. Despite Matt's resistance, Heather expressed her feelings and vowed to be there for him upon his return.[3] She persstently flirted with Matt, accompanying him to the office of district attorney Foggy Nelson. Matt, torn between irritation and growing fondness, rushed off to an appointment, leaving Heather behind.[4] Heather comforted Matt after a stressful day, and together they observed a news report filled with misinformation. Concerned about the state of the country, Heather questioned the accuracy of the news.[5] Heather played a pivotal role in establishing the Storefront Nelson and Murdock, Matt's new firm provided legal advice to the less fortunate. While at the Storefront, Heather felt jealous when Candace Nelson kissed Matt. Tensions arose between Matt and Heather.[6] Heather, bringing doughnuts to the Storefront, expressed her distress upon learning that her father's company owned a tenement involved in a legal dispute. Doubting her father's honesty, she began to question the foundation of their relationship.[7] At the Storefront, Heather worried about Matt's prolonged absence and her father's potential involvement in criminal activities. Frustrated, she shared her concerns with Foggy Nelson, emphasizing the importance of Matt in her life.[8]

Matt avoided Heather, grappling with his realization that he was in love with her.[9] Heather, shocked by news of Daredevil allegedly killing three policemen, found solace in comforting Matt. Their relationship deepened, culminating in a passionate kiss.[10] As Matt struggled with fake news reports, Heather offered her support. Later, at the Storefront, she inquired about the investigation into her father's alleged crimes.[11] Heather, perplexed by the ongoing misinformation, confronted Matt about his investigation into her father. Matt, keeping the truth hidden, assured her he was looking into it.[12] Frustrated with Matt's distraction, Heather confronted him about his mysterious behavior. Despite Matt's reluctance to share, Heather remained by his side during the resolution of the media attacks orchestrated by the Jester.[13] Heather, present during the revelation of Jester's identity, stood by Matt and Foggy as they learned about Karen Page's kidnapping.[14] Heather received news of an attempt on Foggy's life but was reassured that he was unharmed. Nervous and emotional, Heather met Matt at the airport, where he revealed shocking news about Foggy. Despite the challenges, they shared brunch and parted ways.[15] While walking through New York when Heather and Matt saw Iron Fist swing overhead.[16]

The Purple Man[]

Heather's life took a tumultuous turn when Maxwell became a suspect in embezzlement. Daredevil, delved into the investigation of Debbie Harris's kidnapping, uncovering potential ties to Glenn Industries. Matt informed Heather of Daredevil's findings, revealing the involvement of Stone, Maxwell Glenn's assistant, in the criminal activities. Heather, relieved to know the truth, pondered the implications for her father.[17]. Subsequently, it was revealed that the true culprit was Maxwell's assistant, Mr. Stone, providing Heather with relief [18]. Amidst the chaos at the Storefront, Heather assisted Matt in managing the busy legal clinic. The emergence of a gang war and Matt's confrontation with the Owl's gang added to the stress of the situation.[19] Heather, alongside Foggy, met with client Mr. Santiago at the Storefront. Matt's arrival coincided with a confrontation between Daredevil and the villainous Boris and Ninotchka.[20] Matt, injured and vulnerable, sought refuge at the Storefront, where Heather, deeply concerned, pleaded with him not to go out alone. Despite her plea, Daredevil ventured out, facing the threat of Bullseye.[21] Accompanying Foggy to the police station, Heather discovered her father, Maxwell Glenn, turning himself in for crimes she couldn't fathom.[22] In tears, Heather left a note for Foggy to tell Matt, expressing her decision to quit and bidding farewell forever.[23] Confronted by Matt, Heather reluctantly allowed him into her apartment, demanding an explanation for his actions. Matt, believing Maxwell was innocent but unable to defend him in court, faced Heather's anger and frustration.[24] Heather visited her father in jail, attempting to cheer him up, but he remained distant and silent. Desperate for a connection, Heather pleaded with her father, who insisted on his guilt. Unaware of Matt's presence, Heather left in tears, setting in motion a tragic turn of events.[25] Heather, unaware of the circumstances, encountered MDaredevil, learning the truth about her father's innocence and subsequent suicide. Filled with shock and pain, she declared her hatred for Matt and demanded his departure.[26] Eventually, Heather discovered her father was being controlled by the Purple Man, leading to her father's suicide in prison and the revelation that Matt was Daredevil. Angered by the truth, she ended her relationship with Matt.[27]. In his will, Maxwell bequeathed Heather his company, along with a portion of his stocks, bonds, and business patents.[28]

Controlled by the Purple Man, Heather missed her father's funeral. Later, she urgently contacted Matt, seeking assistance. Heather was coerced into holding a gun to her own head while Daredevil was forced to battle various adversaries. Paladin intervened, aiding Daredevil in defeating the villains. Despite the Purple Man's orders for Heather to shoot herself, Daredevil managed to disarm her in the nick of time. Following the Purple Man's defeat, a distraught Heather sought solace in Daredevil's embrace, unwilling to engage in conversation, only desiring to be taken home.[29]

Matt visited Heather, attempting to kiss her, but she rebuffed him. Although intellectually aware that Matt wasn't responsible for Maxwell's death, Heather's heart struggled to trust him. She questioned Matt's pretence of blindness and use of a cane, revealing her newfound knowledge about him. Later, during a date at the Storefront, Heather encountered Black Widow, leading to a confrontation with the Ani-Men that left Black Widow and Foggy injured.[30] Traumatized by the Ani-Men's attack, Heather, alongside the terrified group, faced danger. Matt surrendered to the villains, and when Black Widow considered pursuing them, Heather subtly implied that Matt could handle himself, prioritizing Foggy's well-being instead. Upon Matt's return, Heather checked on him.[31]

With Foggy, Debbie, and Becky observing from a distance, Matt took Heather to her father's grave in the rain, aiming to make her confront the reality of his death. Heartbroken, Heather questioned Matt about his ability to prioritize her over being Daredevil. When he couldn't assure her of that, she slapped him and walked away in the rain.[32] Heather terminated her relationship with Matt and began dating disco dancer Rico. Attending Blake Tower's re-election party with Rico, Heather showcased her new relationship to make Matt envious. Later, witnessing Daredevil's battle with the Hulk, she unknowingly called out "Matt," unknowingly within earshot of reporter Ben Urich.[33]

Glenn Industries[]

Heather assumed control of Glenn Industries, becoming the chairman of the board. She, along with board members Mr. Tubbs and J.B., strived to salvage the company's reputation, teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. At Glenn Industries, Heather confronted Mr. Tubbs during an unauthorized meeting, discovering a dubious deal involving the sale of their New Jersey electronics plant. Confronting Daredevil's accusations, Heather, overwhelmed with grief, dismissed him and sought comfort in Mr. Tubbs' embrace. Acting on Matt's recommendation, Heather delved into the company's holdings. She planned to follow up with a date with Rico. Investigating company paperwork, Heather uncovered the criminal nature of the Jersey plant sale. Dr. Octopus interrupted, kidnapping her and using Adamantium to enhance his tentacles. Breaking free with a shard of glass, Heather struck Dr. Octopus before Daredevil's intervention. Following the ordeal, she pleaded with Matt to stay, leading to a kiss that rekindled their feelings.[34]

Encountering Matt at home, Heather reminded him to prepare for Foggy's wedding while he professed his love. She later attended the wedding with Matt.[35]Heather accompanied Matt to a lavish party hosted by Edwin Cord. During M.A.U.L.E.R.'s attack, she aided Matt's transformation into Daredevil, encouraging him to involve Lt. Nick Manolis in the investigation.[36]

At the Storefront party with Foggy and Becky, Heather jokingly dismissed Matt's absence as him leading a secret life, humorously suggesting he was a lion tamer. She left a romantic statue at Matt's apartment, then slept in his bed, startled by a brief intrusion, presumably by Elektra.[37] On a date with Matt, Heather flirted and inquired about his recent cases, focusing on the Kingpin and Vanessa Fisk.[38] Hearing of Matt's hospitalization post-explosion, Heather rushed to check on him, receiving assurance from Dr. Gloss about his recovery.Heather expressed concern and tended to Matt as he grappled with the loss of his radar sense.[39]

Frustrated by Matt's repeated neglect, Heather initiated multiple breakups, only to reconcile each time. Her final breakup note, expressing her intention to attend a party without him, marked the end of their relationship. Heather surprised Matt at the courthouse after Foggy's Gladiator case victory. Later, she urged Matt to abandon his Daredevil costume for the opera, only to witness his reckless rooftop leap, deepening her worry.[40] Distressed by Matt's search for Stick and the loss of his powers, Heather, conflicted about ending their relationship, chose to assist him. After navigating the seedy side of town, they located Stick and triumphed over the threats.[41] Heather, growing impatient during Matt's prolonged absence, invited Rico to a club. She eventually left after Rico insulted Matt behind his back. [42] Delighted to attend the ballet with Matt, Heather relished the high society experience. However, the evening took an unexpected turn with a brawl between Daredevil, Power Man, Iron Fist, and adversaries Boris and Ninotchka.[43]

Alongside Debbie and Foggy, Heather orchestrated a hospital visit with a reluctant Santa Claus, Matt. Meanwhile, Matt remained stoic in the corner.[44] Seeking more purpose, Heather immersed herself in business classes and displayed increased interest in Glenn Industries.[45] In a board meeting at Glenn Industries, Heather clashed with Mr. Spindle, insisting on Murdock reviewing documents. A tense confrontation with Matt ensued, causing Heather's frustration.[46] Heather confided in Matt about her board struggles, leading to a strained conversation about their relationship. Matt proposed marriage, but Heather resisted, expressing discomfort with traditional roles.[45] Voicing discontent over Matt's marriage proposal and the anticipated domestic role, Heather found herself compelled by Spindle to sign multiple documents. Reminded of her option to step down at any time, she queried Spindle about a document related to Atreus Plastics. Despite her concerns, Spindle dismissed them, instructing her to continue signing. Seeking solace, she called Matt to discuss their relationship, only to be put on hold as he took another call. Frustrated, she left without further discussion. Returning to Glenn Industries, she uncovered the unsettling truth behind the Atreus Plastics deal involving the manufacturing of plastic explosives.[47] Confiding in Foggy about her company's troubles, Heather sought to keep Matt in the dark. Matt, however, persisted in pressuring her to relinquish her business during a confrontation. Under Foggy's guidance, they confronted Spindle, who deflected blame onto Heather, insinuating her complicity. Foggy sent Heather home, promising to handle the situation.[48]

Opting for a new look with blonde hair, Heather faced Matt's legal onslaught against Glenn Industries, initiating a criminal investigation. Matt aimed for her departure from the company, hoping she would choose marriage. Heather directly challenged the board, with Spindle arrogantly standing his ground and questioning her competence. Daredevil intervened, vowing her safety but predicting the company's downfall. During a dinner with Foggy, Heather expressed concern about Matt's motives and criminal charges, reluctantly accepting his proposal after Glenn Industries faced criminal allegations.[49]

Alone in her apartment, Heather, burdened by Matt's manipulations, sought solace in alcohol, lamenting the circumstances that led her to consider marrying him.[50] Inebriated, Heather stumbled upon Matt's apartment after a fight, discovering him with Black Widow. Following Matt's orders, she professed her love when he asserted control. Later, finding a note supposedly from Matt, expressing his rejection, she collapsed in tears, unaware of the ruse orchestrated by Black Widow and Foggy.[51]

Six weeks later, Heather, now with black hair and while drunk, confided in Tony Stark after meeting him at a party. Their date was marred by Tony's intoxication, leading to an awkward breakfast.[52] Subsequently, at Nedda's party, Heather was enticed by Tarkington Brown, with their interaction revealing Matt's secret identity as Daredevil. In a drunken confession to Matt, she inadvertently put his life in danger, ultimately escaping an assassination attempt orchestrated by Brown.[53]


Heather embarked on a series of dates and embraced regular drinking as coping mechanism Inebriated in her apartment, Heather called Matt, urging him to come over in his Daredevil persona under the pretence of an emergency. Matt arrived to find her asleep, and upon waking, she confessed to loneliness and seeing other men. Angered and repulsed, Daredevil left her alone. Despite Heather's repeated calls to Matt, warning of her impending demise, he only answered once and hung up. Left messages with Becky Blake, she sent a suicide note to Foggy's old address before hanging herself. Silvio Gulio seized the opportunity to steal patents from her safe. Discovering Heather's lifeless body, Foggy and Matt were confronted with a note expressing apologies to Foggy and the world. Foggy reassured Matt that Heather's actions weren't his fault, emphasizing the imbalance in their love for each other.[28]


Matt visited Heather's grave after recovering stolen patents. He shared the news of his victory with her.[54] Wrestling with guilt, Matt returned to Heather's grave, finding himself in a battle with the Vulture, who sought to plunder her resting place.[55]


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