Quote1 Wall-Crawling idiot! This was never about you! It's about them! You're just a means to an end! Quote2
-- Glider src
Heather Hite (Earth-7642) from Spider-Man Gen13 Vol 1 1 003

As Heather Hite

Glider was the split personality of Heather Hite. Because of her mercenary work, Heather kept strange hours and was constantly unavailable, which resulted in her ex-husband suing her for full custody of their daughter.

Crossed Generations

Seeking revenge against Gen¹³, Bartlett Sr. hired Glider to assist his son in defeating them. She tracked them to Strand, where she also found Spider-Man. She ambushed him and used a device that discontented to. Figuring he'd lead her to their base, she tagged him with a tracker and knocked him into the crowd, where the local heroes were. Glider was proven right after Gen¹³ took Spider-Man to their base. She, Bartlett Jr., and his militia attacked the home, but their battle spilled into the streets. Bartlett took the opportunity to take students from a nearby school hostage as leverage. One of the students was Alisa. Glider demanded Bartlett leave the children alone, but he declined, causing her to betray and kill her clients. Unfortunately for Heather, Bartlett was able to shoot her before he died, and she teleported home. She was found by her handler and taken to a hospital. Afterwards, Paul was granted full custody of Alissa and the two left San Diego.[1]

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