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Tempo was a mutant-freedom fighter, active for a several years. She used to be a member of the Mutant Liberation Front alongside with Joanna Cargill, and also had an unknown relationship with Feral.[1]

At the 1000th day of resistance, the Human Coalition assaulted Fortress X with a gigantic tank. Cannonball redirected Tempo's squad to handle it, as they were the closest.[1]

Tempo used her temporal powers to stop the tank, but was wounded in the process. Warlock proceeded to eliminate all the soldiers inside the tank, and backup arrived, but it was too late for Tempo, who had taken a lethal blow. Reaper was sent to the field to stay by Tempo's side for her last moments and absorbing her memories before she died, ensuring that she lived on in Reaper.[1]

As Heather was dying, she asked for a message to be send to Feral. But Reaper informed her that Feral was already dead. [1]

Heather Tucker (Earth-11326) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 245 0002

The death of Tempo

As her death happened during the "effective existence" of the Age of X, her mainstream counterpart seemingly died at the same time as her, but her memories of the Age of X were saved inside Rogue's mind.[2]


Seemingly those of Heather Tucker (Earth-616)#Powers.

Tempo was one of two, along with Cannonball, to actually die in the Age of X, and the only one to have her death replicated on her mainstream counterpart.

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