A laboratory explosion gave Professor Vance X-Ray vision which he later used as a stage performer named the Great Video.

Soon Video decided to use his newfound powers for crime and targeted people in his audience to be robbed by his henchmen. Later, the Great Video also discovered that the radioactivity from his prolonged stare also had the power to render people unconscious and even to kill. To demonstrate this power he even stared at an elephant until it dropped dead from radiation poisoning. The Great Video traveled around the country committing crimes while the police's efforts to capture him proved futile.

Marvel Boy, who had been present when the professor first gained his powers, planned a trap to capture the dangerous villain. The Great Video thought that he was approaching a vault containing a million dollars, when really it was a ruse set by Marvel Boy who quickly dispatched the villain and his gang using the power of his Quantum Bands. The bands power also seemed to revert the radioactive effects of the professor's own powers, causing him to lose his x-ray vision. As a result, no one believed that he possessed such an absurd power and he was sent to jail.


X-Ray Vision: The Great Video possessed X-Ray vision which allowed him to see people's skeleton's, through people's clothes, and even through walls and doors. Prolonged exposure to his vision caused unconsciousness and even death.

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