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The past history of the Great Video of Earth-9904 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the early 1950's. Like on Earth-616 he would clash with Marvel Boy, and lose his powers upon his defeat. In this reality, the Great Video's powers would be restored by unrevealed means and he would be recruited by Yellow Claw in his plot to kidnap President Dwight Eisenhower. Video and Yellow Claw's other cohorts would succeed in kidnapping Eisenhower, however they would soon be attacked by the Avengers, a group of heroes formed by FBI Agent Jimmy Woo. Video would fare well battling 3-D Man until he was knocked out by the combined efforts of Marvel Boy and Gorilla-Man[1].

The fate of the Great Video remains unrevealed, however he was likely killed when Immortus erased Earth-9904 from existence[2].

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X-Ray Vision that could kill

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