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Official Name
Heavy Hitters
Nevada (State) Initiative
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Base of Operations
Heavy Hitters Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
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The Heavy Hitters were the Nevada team of the 50-State Initiative. After having dealt with a Skrull infiltrator on the Desert Stars Initiative team, 3-D Man and the Skrull Kill Krew traveled to Nevada along with Desert Stars member Komodo. There, they killed a Skrull that had infiltrated the Heavy Hitters team as an unnamed member. Hardball left with these heroes to deal with the Skrulls on the other teams.

Following the invasion, Hardball later betrays and quits the team, and becomes the leader of Hydra.[1]

Representatives of the Heavy Hitters were among the Initiative members that meet with Prodigy in Washington, D.C. to talk about the hammers that the Serpent brought to Earth.[2]


  • Hardball (Roger Brokeridge) - Team Leader, has the ability to produce a variety of energy balls originating from his hand, including "hard energy" and electro-magnetic energy.
  • Prodigy (Richard Gilmore) - costume provides superhuman strength and durability, near-flight leaping ability. Uses his Cape to Glide.
  • Gravity (Greg Willis) - Gravity manipulation
  • Nonstop (Madeleine Michaels) - Super-speed and wind generation
  • Telemetry (Marina Zane) - Creates psionic-based constructs
  • Outback (Fred Myers) - He is the former villain Boomerang. Wields variety of lethal and gimmicked boomerangs.
  • An unnamed Skrull



Each teammates' arsenal


  • "Heavy Hitters" is likely a reference to the Epic title of the same name.

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