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Hecla lived in a planet that existed in a parallel dimension from the Earth's. When his world was conquered by Yod, Hecla lost his wife and son after they tried to defy their new ruler.

One day while farming, Hecla and his peers encountered Thor, who had been banished to the dimension of Hecla's planet by Hydra. Hecla provided her with shelter and food after learning of Thor's story, but believed she was delusional. The following day, Hecla and Thor embarked in a journey to find a device that could teleport her home, an artifact located in Yod's lair. Before leaving his house, Hecla built Thor a hammer to compensate for her loss of Mjolnir, which had remained on Earth.

On their journey, Hecla and Thor became friends as they shared anecdotes. When nearing Yod's lair, Thor effortlessly defeated a group of monsters that attacked them, changing Hecla's opinion on Thor's claims that she was a god. Thor also saved Hecla from being hit by a lightning cast by Yod while they were climbing his mountain.

After reaching the top of the mountain, Hecla and Thor were confronted by Yod. While she confronted the monster, Hecla retrieved the device from its case. Unfortunately, Hecla was fatally struck by Yod's lightning while handing over the device to Thor. In an attempt to help Hecla find peace, Thor used the device's last charge on him. Hecla subsequently woke up in a vision of his world before Yod took over, and reunited with his family.[1]



Translation Implant: Which only works if Hecla jostles it.[1]

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