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Origins and early years

Hector was the many sons of Priam, King of Troy,[1] and of Hecuba.

Hector was present when their estranged son Paris (sent away at birth when he was foretold to become the ruin of Troy) returned to court.[2]

At some point, he married Andromache,[3] who bore him his son Astyanax.[4]

Trojan War


After Paris went to Sparta and stole Helen of Sparta and her dowry from King Menelaus, the Achaeans crossed the Aegean Sea and Menelaus, accompanied by Odysseus and Palamedes, met with Priam and Hector.[2]

First year

The war consequently began, and the Achaeans shipped the shore of Troy. They held back from leaping off the ships as it was foretold that the first of them to set foot would perish. Iolaus rushed into and was killed by Hector who renamed his "Protesilaus", "the first of his people"... to die before Troy.[5]

Instant later, Cycnus, a son of Poseidon fighting for Troy, tried to be the one to kill the second Achaean to brave the shore, but was killed by Achilles, causing doubt among the Troyans who retreated behind their city's walls.[5]

Siege of Troy

Andromache bore him his son Astyanax.[4]

When a duel was set between Paris and Menelaus during the eight year of war, Hector urged his brother to be brave if he was to be defeated.[1]

Months later, Hector killed Achilles' friend Patroclus (wearing Achilles' armor), and was himself killed by Achilles[1][5] (the Gods allegedly misled Hector and helped Achilles).[1] Achilles returned Hector's body to King Priam only at Zeus' command,[5] and was burned in a funeral fire.[3]


Hector was later avenged by his brother, as well aided by the god[1] Apollo.[3]

At the end of the war, Hector's son was killed on the advises of Odysseus and of the seer Calchas to avoid he ever tried to avenge his parents and city, and his wife was taken by Achilles' son Neoptolemus.[4]

In modern era, Hydra's Infinitas Agenda's chief scientist Dr. Geist used his blood (along with Achilles', Thor's, Captain America's and others) to create Unsterblich, a godlike entity.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Hector was stated to be godlike.[5]

As his blood was used by Hydra's Infinitas Agenda's chief scientist Dr. Geist used his blood (along with others') to create Unsterblich,[6] it is to be presumed Hector was superhuman in some ways.


Hector was stated to be the most valiant of Priam's sons,[1] and the greatest Trojan warrior.[7]



Armor, helmet, shield[1][2]


Sword, spear[1][5]

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