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Quote1.png Just a couple of days ago I was in a Texas jail. Now I'm in space surrounded by psychos. Quote2.png


Hector Bautista was a Texan wrongfully convicted for murder. The night before his execution, Hector was sought by the Time Stone. The artifact crashed into Hector's cell and merged with him without Hector noticing. He gained the ability to stop and restart time, and while learning the ropes of his new power, he escaped imprisonment.[1]

While trying to avoid getting captured by the authorities, he was grabbed by Wolverine and Loki to protect him. However, the Warbringer appeared to take the time Time Stone to restore his race, the Chitauri. When Wolverine couldn't subdue Warbringer, Loki used an illusion to trick Warbringer into thinking that he retrieved the Time Stone, resulting in the villain leaving. Then the Fraternity of Raptors appeared and kidnapped Hector.[2]

The Raptors' leader Robbie Rider tortured Hector to make him hand over the Time Stone, but Hector didn't know how to summon the stone. Wolverine and Loki boarded the Raptors' ship to rescue Hector, but they were eventually subdued. So, Loki went back to Earth to get Robbie's mother Gloria Rider hoping she could talk some sense into him.[3]

This backfired however when Robbie mistook his mother for one of Loki's illusions and unintentionally struck her down. Hector was able to reverse this by traveling back into time several seconds into the past. Hector's manipulation of the time stream, though, caused the Time Variance Authority to appear to arrest him for his actions, but their attempted arrest was interrupted by an upset Warbringer who came to take the Time Stone.[4] The appearance of the TVA was later revealed to be an illusion created by Loki.

In a panic, Hector accidentally froze time around him but couldn't figure out how to return it to normal. Three days later, Hector learned how to better control his powers and eventually reversed the time freeze. As the Raptors' ship started to explode, Hector froze Warbringer long enough for him and the others to escape back to Earth via a portal Loki created. When Wolverine asked Hector to take him back in time to rescue the X-Men, Hector refused, citing that he was been pushed around his whole life and was tired of it. When Wolverine punched him, Hector angrily used his power to deliver a barrage of punches that sent Wolverine flying into tree. He then left for parts unknown.[5]



Chronokinesis: An ability derived from the Time Stone, it allows Hector to stop, restart, slow down or speed up the flow of time at will.[1] It also allows him to travel back in time for at least several seconds,[4] and to manipulate individuals and objects in time, like freezing them and reversing their actions, which Hector compared to using a DVR.[5]




  • Hector's eyes were brown before merging with the Time Stone.[1]


  • Hector always expected humankind to return to the Moon during his lifetime.[1]

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