Hector was the founder of Vasquez Research Technologies, an expert in gamma radiation, and a former colleague of Bruce Banner.[1] He was present when Zapper, his son-in-law, began his attempts to revive the Sensational She-Hulk.[2]

Later, his daughter asked him to save her marriage, suspecting the Sensational She-Hulk of stealing her husband.[3] He instead continued his plan to destroy the Sensational She-Hulk, which he started after becoming aware that Zapper still had feelings for her.[1] He built War Zone, and engineered it to remove the Sensational She-Hulk’s power. After Jen survived, Hector tampered with Zapper’s equipment to make her savage, and when that failed, he built a tank to try and overload the Sensational She-Hulk, but it only made her more powerful. She then tried to kill him, but distracted by her father, she collapsed as her energy was expelled, and Hector was arrested.



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