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He was on his way to a doctor when a mob attacked him because of his appearance. Fortunately, he was saved by Phoenix.[1] Jean recruited Hector into a new team of X-Men she led to Genosha to rescue Charles Xavier, who had been kidnapped by Magneto. On the way to Genosha, Jean gave Hector a telepathic crash course in using his powers and being an X-Man. During their fight with Magneto, Hector was able to transfer his invisibility field to Magneto, causing him sufficient disorientation for the others to complete the rescue of Xavier.[2]

Despite his pivotal role in the conflict, Hector left the X-Men, in hopes of discovering and learning his abilities on his own.

Hector lost his mutant powers during M-Day.[3]


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None, Rendoza is a depowered mutant.

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