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Hector Rendoza was 16 years old when his mutant powers manifested. His skin became transparent, so he went to doctor for help, but was noticed by his neghbors. As they hadn't recognized him, and believed he was dangerous, they attacked Hector despite his pleas. He was saved from the crwod by Jean Grey.[1]

Jean recruited Hector into a new team of X-Men she led to Genosha to rescue Charles Xavier, who had been kidnapped by Magneto. On the way to Genosha, Jean gave Hector a telepathic crash course in using his powers and being an X-Man.[2]

During their fight with Magneto, Hector was able to transfer his invisibility field to Magneto, causing him sufficient disorientation for the others to complete the rescue of Xavier. Despite his pivotal role in the conflict, Hector left the X-Men, in hopes of discovering and learning his abilities on his own.[3]

Hector lost his mutant powers during M-Day.[4]


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Invisibility (formerly): Hector was a mutant, but lost his powers during M-Day.[4] When Rendoza's power manifested, it turned his skin invisible, leaving his muscles, organs, and bones showing through.[1] He was unable to control his power and turn it off to make his skin visible again, but Jean Grey taught him how to spread the effect on other people when they touch him, what had a disorienting effect on them. The area he was able to affect was the size of his body, so when he spread the invisibility to others his own skin became temporarily visible again. Jean theorized that with time he would've learned to render himself and others completely invisible.[3]

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