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Hedy Wolfe grew up as the only daughter of a wealthy banker in Centerville, California. Hedy was long-time rivals and sometimes the best friends with Patsy Walker. Hedy was featured prominently in comic book series developed by Dorothy Walker based on Patsy and her friends.[4][5][6] During high school Hedy had an on-again-off-again relationship with Ronnie Robbins though she seems to have had some romantic interest in Patsy's steady boyfriend, Buzz Baxter.[7][1]

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The Patsy Walker comics went out of print until the rights reverted to Hedy Wolfe after the death of Dorothy and the (temporary) death of Patsy. Hedy began republishing the classic Patsy Walker comics.[2][8] Hedy also helped transform Centerville into a destination resort where visitors could experience the "perfect middle-American small town". Unfortunately, this was part of a scheme orchestrated by Nicholas Scratch and the demon Daboia working with the Sons of the Serpent. Hedy and the others were rescued from the demons by Hellcat and the Avengers.[2] She also ran a fashion blog, Crashin' Fashion, and helped Millie Collins solve a murder mystery that she was involved in.[9]

Because of Patsy's absence from her mother's life, Hedy started taking care of a sick Dorothy. Before she died, Dorothy signed over the rights of the Patsy Walker comic franchise to Hedy, so she began redistributing the Patsy Walker comics which got her into a legal battle with Patsy.[8] In order to gain the upper hand, she hired Jessica Jones to gain dirt on Patsy,[10] and manipulated Patsy's exes, Mad-Dog and Daimon Hellstrom to attack her,[11] but both of these attempts blew up in her face.


Hedy is ambitious, cunning, and shrewd.


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Hedy has training in dancing,[citation needed] singing,[citation needed] and modeling.[citation needed]



  • Hedy has been married five or six times.[2]
    • She married the demon Belial, but broke up with him on their honeymoon after he ate a kid.[12]
  • Hedy claims that an ancestor from a few centuries ago was a French Duke and that her great, great, great grand-uncle was a baron.[13]

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