Heidi Franklin was an exotic dancer before being used by Genetech for their research in creating superhuman beings. Given powers and the name of Pretty Persuasions, she became a member of Psionex. The group's early early activities included battling the young heroes of the New Warriors.[1]

When Psionex eventually escaped Genetech, Pretty Persuasions returned to exotic dancing.[2]

She later worked at a gentleman’s club frequented by Speed Demon.[3]

Civil War

When the Commission on Superhuman Activities persuaded the Thunderbolts to track down super-villains and recruit them to join the pro-registration side of the Superhuman Registration Act, Pretty Persuasions was among those who accepted the offer.[4]

Dark Reign

She later rejoined Psionex, who were made the official Initiative team of Maryland team.[5] She participated in the H.A.M.M.E.R. assault on Asgard.[6]


Psychic Pleasure Stimulation: Pretty Persuasions can psionically stimulate the pleasure centers in a person's brain. She can increase the erotic urges/sexual desires of others. With her power she can seduce and control other people, usually men. She can also render her targets effectively paralyzed.

Sexually-Charged Psionic Weapons: She can also create a variety of tangible psionic energy weapons from her own sexual urges, usually bondage themed weapons like whips or chains.


Heidi has a history of returning to her career as a dancer whenever Psionex has disbanded; thus she has above-average (though not superhuman) levels of agility and athletic ability maintained by such constant "exercise".


The experiments which gave Pretty Persuasions her powers damaged her mental health.

Pretty Persuasions is a disturbed woman who enjoys using her powers to cause others pain. She constantly curses in vile street language, and she has a nasty temper.

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