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The origins of the Baroness are questionable but reports from Nazi soldiers and the Baroness herself indicate that Arnim Zola copied the brain waves of Heinrich Zemo into the body of a young woman. She later discounted this story, but the truth is still in question.[1]

Her first known activities involved her funding several European terrorist groups, After this she contracted the Yakuza and hired the White Ninja in order to steal the Cassidy Crystals from Osborn Industries. Using these crystals she planned to bomb them into a number of world capitals in the aim of sending the populations into such terror induced hysteria, she and the Nazi Party could conquer the world. She was thawed when Silver Sable enlisted the aid Spider-Man to stop her. The pair traveled to her castle and after a short confrontation defeated both the Baroness Zemo and the White Ninja, and stopped the missiles. However, the Baroness was temporarily exposed the crystals and driven insane, and started to smash her face into a mirror. Blinded, she began to flail about in an attempt to launch the missiles, but activated the bases self-destruct button. When Spider-Man tried to aid her, she fought him off and he fled leaving her behind.[2]

Surviving the explosion she married Helmut Zemo and claimed her story about her origins were false. She began to wear a costume based on Helmuts and joined her husband in Castle Zemo. Here, the pair obtained 25 children who they deemed to be ideal Aryan children from Damon Dran's white slavery ring and brainwashed them to form the Kinder. Baroness met with Superia in a plan to empower the Kinder, but the pair planned to betray Baron Zemo. However, the Baron found out and captured both. The Baroness was able to convince him to let her go by revealing that she was manipulating Superia. During this time Captain America and Diamondback tracked the missing children to Castle Zemo and confronted Baron Zemo and the Baroness, but were attacked by the Kinder, and were forced to flee. Concurrently Free Spirit had also tracked the missing children to Castle Zemo, and arrived to help Captain America and Diamondback and during their next confrontation Zemo fell into a vat of molten Adhesive X, and the Baroness dove in after him. The pair were protected by their suits and attempted to escape through a tunnel but were recaptured by Captain America.[3]

Her fate is unknown but Baron Zemo later reported that the Baroness died while they were in prison.[4]

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Fighting Skills: The Baroness was a skilled warrior, highly trained in several forms of armed and unarmed combat.



Cassidy Crystals: The Baroness also briefly possessed Cassidy Crystals, which were able to induce intense fear in those exposed to them. This fear could be overcome only by intense anger.


Spear: The Baroness Zemo carried a spear that could fire energy blasts or alter its configuration into a variety of pointed objects.


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