The past history of Heimdall mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart, with one minor different in her origins. On Earth-9997, all the Asgardians were a previously unknown race of aliens that were manipulated by the Celestials centuries ago. As part of the third tier of mutation in the Celestials plans, once a species reached a certain evolutionary point their appearance, super-human abilities and character were defined by those around them. When these aliens arrived on Earth centuries ago, they were convinced by a man named Donnorson (who was manipulated by Mephisto and would later become Odin) that they were the Asgadians of myth. One alien would become Heimdall. In recent history, Heimdall would die, through events yet to be revealed. Loki would learn the truth about the gods of Asgard, and (unaware of Odin's involvement) would go to Asgard asking for the help of Odin and Thor to stop the Celestials who were coming to Earth to destroy it. They refused aid, because they believed it to be yet another trick. Loki would kill himself and be transported to Hel. There he would gather an army of the dead to help fight, Heimdall was among their numbers. They would confront the Celestials, however their superior intellect would convince Heimdall and the others that they were still dead and they would be returned to Hel. Later when Loki convinced Thor of learned the truth of their origins, they would conspire to bring down Odin and free their virtually enslaved people. Part of their plan involved accompanying Dr. Strange and Xen to Asgard to free Clea who had been Odin's prisoner for some years. In order to provide opposition, Odin would summon various beings from all over Asgard to combat these invaders, including the Warriors Three. Thor, Loki, Dr. Strange and Xen would battle all assembled
As part of an agreement to free Clea, Thor was banished there as well in exchange for Clea's freedom, Heimdall and the others would be freed when he showed them that they could cheat Death. When Odin's lies were revealed, Heimdall would briefly return to her previously undefined form with the rest of those of Asgard, but would return to his original role after Odin's plea for them to return. His fate following this, and if he resumed his earlier role remains to be recorded.


Heimdall is a member of an unknown alien race which has been manipulated by the Celestials. The natural evolution of any species created by the Celestials are three fold and happen over centuries of evolution: The first is an original mutation, based on some subconscious level by the individual, the second is that all members of that race have the same power, the third is a power that the beings lose all self definition and their appearance and abilities are at the whim of others belief in them.
Heimdall's evolution was such that it was at the third tier of mutation, as such his abilities and powers likely mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart, because that is what Odin believed his abilities should be. Further, this was reinforced by the belief of his fellow Asgardians and the population of Earth.
In addition to his abilities and powers, Heimdall was equipped with the same weapons and skills as his Earth-616 counterpart.

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