Heindrich von Wilhelm Innsbruck (Earth-616) from Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos Vol 1 119 0001

The Planner as he appeared in 1942

Heindrich von Wilhelm Innsbruck was born in Prussia in the early 19th Century. He was a classmate of Otto Bismarck and assisted him throughout most of his life.

Innsbruck was able to extend his life due to the scientific achievements of German scientists who transformed him into a cyborg. During the Second World War, Innsbruck was responsible for all of Germany's military strategy. His secret headquarters was in a castle in the Swiss Alps that he personally oversaw the construction of in 1840. This castle was raided in 1942 by Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos when they learned of Innsbruck's existence. Innsbruck's men initially captured the Commandos and he planned to use them for scientific experimentation before they were able to escape and blow up the castle, seemingly killing the immobile Innsbruck.[1]

Somehow, however, Innsbruck managed to survive and went into hiding at the end of the war, like many other Nazi war criminals. He was believed dead until the Fall of 1959, when Fury's Avengers black ops team discovered him at ICON's Madripoor mansion headquarters as he had been recruited as the main strategist for ICON. During the ensuing struggle, Innsbruck was assaulted by Sabretooth, but was able to successfully defend himself using his new highly sophisticated cybernetics. He was soon taken prisoner, however, by the combined might of Namora and the Blonde Phantom. He was soon coerced into revealing ICON's planned assault on the secret African nation of Wakanda, giving the Avengers a chance to get there before ICON's assault team.[2]

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