Heinrich Himmelman was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. In the spring of 1943, he sought to be smuggled out of the United States to avoid capture by American authorities. He sought the aid of his fellow spy Mr. Kutz who had Himmelman disguise himself as a gorilla and hide him in the monkey house of the local zoo.

However, his cover was blown thanks -- ironically enough -- when Deadline Dawson was assigned to the "zoo beat" by his editor after failing to provide sufficient evidence to prove that Mr. Kurtz was a Nazi spy in a published story, which Kurtz complained about. It was there that his friend Terry Vance's pet monkey Dr. Watson noticed that the gorilla in the cage was no ape.

Himmelman was unmasked and then taken into police custody.[1] His subsequent fate is unknown.


While hiding from the law, Heinrich wore a lifelike gorilla costume.

  • "Himmel" is German for "Sky", "heaven", and "paradise".

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