The past history of Heinrich Zemo of Earth-77105 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until his final wartime battle against Captain America and Bucky. In this reality, Captain America would manage to deactivate Zemo's drone plane saving Bucky's life and the two would remain active during the entire war. Zemo would escape and report his failure to the Red Skull who would put Zemo into suspended animation for the next 20 years as punishment. Zemo would revive years later, partially insane from the experience, and form the terrorist organization Hydra, disguising his identity by becoming the Supreme Hydra. Zemo's organization would clash with the spy organization SHIELD then led by Bucky (now calling himself Buck) and later Steve Rogers after he and Buck traded roles.

Later, in Hydra's island stronghold, Zemo addressed his agents, telling them of his new life-draining weapon. However, he discovered that Hydra was infiltrated by Steve Rogers, Captain America and Sharon Carter when Sharon was discovered as no women were allowed on Hydra base. The trio battled back the Hydra forces, but when Steve tried to grab Zemo's new life-draining weapon, he activated it's booby trap, and a burst of electricity subdued the three heroes. They were bound and then confronted by Zemo, whom Steve quickly recognized and identified. Apparently maddened by his time in stasis, Zemo failed to recognize Steve's face, but he did realize that Buck's face was not that of the Captain America that he had fought decades before. Enraged, Zemo prepared to shoot the still-unconscious Buck, but Steve, still enhanced by the super-soldier serum even at age 50, broke free and punched Zemo. Buck and Sharon revived as Hydra forces rushed in, but Zemo turned and his hand weapon at Buck and fired, blasting him, though Buck pretended Zemo had missed and encouraged Steve to stop Zemo once and for all. Zemo, finally recognizing Steve's face, fled after taking another punch and when Steve hurled his old shield at him, Zemo fearfully buckled, and the shield struck Zemo's machinery (that which maintained the inert volcano's artificial magma to keep out intruders by making them think it was still active), and Zemo's body was buried by a sea of molten rock[1].




Seemingly those of Heinrich Zemo of Earth-616.

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