Heinrich von Betz was one of the most desperate, cunning man in the Nazi secret service, aka the Gestapo.

He was somehow captured in the July of 1941, and transported with a deportee train, where he planned his escape. He activated a gas bomb, and let every guard in the room die. Leaving behind a trail of death, he planned to uncouple train, before dealing with the gentlemen in the engine cab.

Killing both of the train drivers, he was defeated by the Patriot in a short fight. Heinrich confessed to the Patriot about his "friends" who were fifteen miles away and gave him the gas bomb and the gas mask, and then planned to organize a campaign of sabotage. He was then given to the authorities as a prisoner of war.

Heinrich von Betz's fate following the war is unknown.

He alway's played with a stacked deck

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