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Heinz Kruger was a spy and agent of Nazi Germany's Gestapo.[5]

He was sent by Hitler to infiltrate the U.S. Army's Project Rebirth, in order to stop Dr. Abraham Erskine from experimenting his Super-Soldier Serum on Steve Rogers.[1]

Arrived at Long Island, in the United States, he was contacted by members of the Nazi Fifth Column, who told him they have successfully found a secret cover identity he could use to pass Project Rebirth's security check.[1] In New York City, Kruger then contacted Major Kerfoot, who gave him the papers which identified him as U.S. Foreign Affairs Ministry Special Agent Frederick Clemson,[3] replacement for U.S. Interior Department Secretary Ickes, who couldn't attend to the experiment demonstration.[6]

After Project Rebirth's candidate Steve Rogers had been successfully enhanced by Dr. Erskine's serum and Vita Rays, Kruger broke off the observation cabin's glass, shooting Erskine with a gun, immediately killing him; Rogers, trying to capture Kruger, threw him off the Vita-Ray Chamber, accidentally causing his death.[5][1][7][8][9][4][6][10][11][12]


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  • Normal army and secret service training.
  • Presumably spoke a mixture of languages, including German and English.
  • He had a "lovely singing voice".[13]
  • He was well gifted in the building of model ships.[13]



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