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The Hel Wolf captured by the Asgardians upon their return to the Asgardian realm, this Hel Wolf was placed into captivity, vowing to kill the Asgardians when it escaped. Loki, in need of an ally to carry out his agenda, released the Hel Wolf, then used the same bridle used by Thor to tame Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder to tame the Hel Wolf and make him his steed.[2]

When journeying to Hel, Loki used the Hel Wolf to distract Garm so that he could enter. Hel Wolf held his own until Loki's return.[3] Following Loki's negotiations between Hela and Mephisto, Hel Wolf accompanied Loki to Newark, then, after the duo were struck down, he was ridden by Loki to Limbo.[4] Having now "died", Hel Wolf found his debt to Loki broken, and quickly attacked the young god, but found himself instead eaten by Surtur.[5]

Some time later, Hel Wolf resurfaced and assisted Hela against Angela and her rebellious army of enslaved Angels.[6]

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