Hela, the ruler of Valhalla, was bored pairing the dead warriors against each other until Loki arrived to cut a deal with her. Hela lent Loki the Horn of Hela to control the undead warriors of Valhalla, as Loki offered her the opportunity to be entertained by watching the Hulk and Thor fight each other over who was the strongest there was.

Hela (Earth-12041) from Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season 2 3 002

Loki ended up tricking Thor and the Hulk into heading to Valhalla where Hela made them fight each other. When Hulk even tried to attack Hela, she temporarily transformed him back into Bruce Banner and then transformed him back into Hulk. Hela stated that the winner of the match could return to Earth, while the winner was to stay with her forever. Thor convinced her into thinking Loki was superior to them, as he had managed to trap them in Valhalla, but also that Loki himself had tricked her, as he left her without her army.

Hela brought back Thor and Hulk to fight Loki. The two Avengers lost their fight against Loki on purpose, so Hela would consider him the greatest warrior, and take him to Valhalla for eternity.[1]


Seemingly those of the Hela of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hela of Earth-616.

  • Unlike her Earth-616 counterpart, Hela is shown as being the ruler of Valhalla, not Hel (possibly for censorship reasons). The main difference being that Valhalla is the realm of the honored dead, while Hel is that of the neither honored nor dishonored dead.[1]
  • Hela is the daughter of Loki in most incarnations of the character.

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