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To release Valkyrie from Valhalla, Hela forced Thor to fight her army of undead soldiers. After fighting an onslaught of foes, Thor asked if there was anything he could do to return to his beloved Valkyrie, and while Hela began undressing she said she wanted a heir.[1] Thor performed this task. However, Hela then told Thor that to release him from Valhalla another soul must take his place. That soul turned out to be Thor's beloved Valkyrie when she was impaled by Thor's brother Loki.[2]

When the Children of Tomorrow invaded Asgard, Hela tried to stop Thor from rescuing their son Modi by locking him in the Room Without Doors to keep him safe, only for Hela to be met with the Mjolnir to the face by Thor, knocking her out. Afterwards, Hela was most likely killed, along with rest of the Asgardians, by the Children of Tomorrow as the latter won invading Asgard.[3]

Later, Hela discovered that Thor had murdered their son, Modi. Hela displayed an immense fit of rage. Thor explained to her that Modi had been corrupted by the World Tree and that he had been left with no other option. Despite their conversation, Hela "cursed" Thor "forever".[4]

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Seemingly those of the Hela of Earth-616.

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