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Hela was the ruler of Niffleheim, the land of the dead. Hela was well aware of her father Loki's plans and played along with them sometimes, but knew her father very well, and was aware of eventual betrayal.

When the Hulk was released on Asgard by Loki, but lost control. Thor and Loki traveled to Niffleheim to bargain with Hela for the soul of Bruce Banner after Loki separated him from the Hulk and killed him in a botched attempt to defeat Thor. Loki did not know that Bruce Banner was the only person that could control the Hulk.

Loki tricked Hela into releasing Bruce Banner from Valhalla so he could reunite with the Hulk. Hela then took Loki instead to make up for losing Bruce Banner, but stated since he was her father he wouldn't stay long. [1]

Captain America was transported into her realm and tried to convince him to stay.[2] Hela negotiated with Captain America, and transported him to Asgard to aid his team, on the condition that should he fall in battle, his soul would belong to her.

At the Avengers Mansion, Cap saw a reflection of Hela on his broken shield just before he was ambushed by a Skrull imposter. [3]


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