Helen Burnside was a member of the Gauntlet, and worked for Mr. Beckham. During the investigation into the death of a fellow Gauntlet member, Beckham fired his assistant, Lau, and promoted Helen to replace him.

When Helen stepped aboard an elevator with her boss, she was horrified to see Beckham torn apart from the inside by a Down-Spiral monster. Taken to the hospital, Helen met X-Man, who telekinetically rearranged her brain chemistry to calm her down. He asked her to take him to the other Gauntlet members, as it was his duty as "shaman" to mutants to protect them.

When Nate found out that the Down-Spiral creatures were going after the Gauntlet because the Gauntlet had kidnapped their children to harvest their highly-adaptable organs, he abandoned them, including Helen, in the Down-Spiral dimension, where she was presumably killed by the beasts.



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