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Miles Warren was infatuated with the original Gwen Stacy, a student of his while working as a professor at Empire State University.[2] Warren would be paid by Norman Osborn to create clones of both himself and of Peter Parker, Gwen's classmate and eventual husband. Warren would found the bio-engineering company Scipro-Genesis with his money from Osborn and conduct his cloning experiments in secret. However, over the years Warren began to act outside of Osborn's instructions, putting in time and resources to additionally develop a clone of Gwen. At some point (Presumably after her marriage to Peter), Warren swapped the real Gwen with her clone and placed Gwen in a stasis pod alongside the clones of Osborn and Peter as part of a perverse plan for the original to fall in love and one day run off with him.

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Warren's misuse of Osborn's money would lead to his son Harry, dressed as "the Black Goblin," to attack and interrogate him, which would reveal Warren's experiments to Harry, Peter and "Gwen." In the ensuing fight between him and Peter, Harry would throw two pumpkin bombs into the lab, furious with his father's manipulations of him. "Gwen" would convince Peter to rush back in and save the clones, stressing that they are still living beings, but only Peter's clone survived the explosion due to his inherited spider-powers. It was then that Warren confessed the truth, much to "Gwen's" horror.

A year following the revelation, "Gwen" appeared to have come to terms with who she was, but her marriage with Peter did not appear to have survived the fallout. "Gwen" would fall in love with Peter's clone and, as "Ben and Helen Parker," the two would start a new life together in a new city.[3]

Gwen and Ben later separated, leaving her angry with Peter and superheroes in general for the devastation they caused, but she was able to get through it after years of therapy. Realizing that superheroes also hurt the criminals they fought, Gwen became a counselor for prisoners at Ryker's Island and helped them work through their problems, including Norman Osborn and J. Jonah Jameson. After Jameson died fighting the Scorpion, she attended his funeral with Peter. After talking with Peter, she gave him the first copy of Jameson's memoir.[1]


  • As it was never specified whether Miles Warren kidnapped and cloned Gwen before or after she and Peter got married, it could be possible that it was Gwen's clone who was actually married to Peter.


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