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Celestial Heliopolis is the home dimension of the Egyptian gods known as the Ennead, such as Osiris, Isis, and Horus.[citation needed] Named for the city of Heliopolis on Earth,[citation needed] it was conquered for several years by Seth, the hated brother of Osiris who was ousted from power with the help of Odin and Thor of Asgard.[citation needed]

The gods of Heliopolis were said to have originated on Earth and actually dwelt in Heliopolis until the time that the human pharaohs took over the rule of the earthly kingdoms. At that time, the pantheon founded its own celestial city of Heliopolis in a dimension adjacent to Earth's. It is there that the gods of ancient Egypt have dwelt through historical times until the present.[citation needed] Very little is known about the celestial Heliopolis other than that it appears to be built on a small planetary object much like the realm of the Norse gods, Asgard, is and its passage to Earth is a golden bridge through space, called the Path of the Gods, which is analogous to the Asgardians' Rainbow Bridge, the Bifrost.[citation needed]


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