The Helios Laser is a powerful weapon created by Tony Stark. It consist of a giant flying platform capable of firing a devastating laser.

The Helios Laser being fired

When the Avengers approached Bruce Banner near Georgeville to arrest him, they brought along along the Helios Laser as a last resort, parking it ten thousand feet above the scene of the battle. After his Hulkbuster Armor was destroyed in battle against a bloodthirsty Hulk, Stark ejected on the armor's helmet and flew to the Helios Laser. Once the civilians in the area were evacuated and the Avengers were out of the weapon's range, Tony fired the Helios Laser, killing the Hulk and elevating the entirety of Georgeville in the process.[1]


The Helios Laser is a one-off weapon capable of firing a powerful beam of energy with the destructive power to reduce an entire town to a crater. Its firepower also managed to kill the Hulk, reducing him to a charred corpse.[1]


  • The Helios Laser's name comes from Helios, the Olympian god of the Sun.

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