The Hell-Mark is a demonic sigil in the shape of a pentagram surrounded by a circle, bestowed upon those who have the potential to become a Hell Lord, either through birthright or by being chosen by an existing Hell Lord.[1] The Hell-Mark grants its bearer control over lesser demons and the ability to conjure hellfire,[2][3] but corrupts their soul over time.[4]

Daimon Hellstrom's Hell-Mark is a manifestation of his Darksoul,[5] and marks him as the son of the Hell-Lord Marduk Kurios. In preparation for the Descent, an event in which one of the existing Hell-Lords would be chosen to become the next Satan, Mephisto surreptitiously bestowed Agent Venom, Red Hulk, and X-23 with Hell-Marks upon resurrecting them, branding them as possible candidates to replace him.[6] The Venom Symbiote, despite having been the one who bargained for the Hell-Mark, passed the sigil on to its clone Mania in order to protect its host from the demon that Hellstrom had implanted in them.[2]

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