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Hell Road
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Hell Road is a road on the island state of Madripoor.

The road runs from the edge of Hightown all the way to the Dragon Palace, effectively cutting Hight Town in half. It is closed in on two sides by high walls.

Among the various gangs inhabiting Madripoor, Hell Road is considered a neutral zone that they use to defend their territories. The road has been rigged with countless booby traps by the various gangs to keep intruders away. These traps have made Hell Road a highly dangerous area, scaring most people out of entering it. Even the owner of Madripoor, Juō Kurohagi, didn't dare enter the area, but he gladly used the booby trapped road to defend the Dragon Palace against the gangs.[1]

When Logan came to Madripoor to rescue Mariko from the Dragon Palace, Koh convinced him to take Hell Road and distract Hideki and his men while Koh and his gang would attack the palace through an underground tunnel.[2]. However, this was a trick. Koh's gang actually intended to take Hell Road as well, and by going ahead Logan effectively cleared a path for them through the various traps and guards.[1]

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