Quote1 I pretend to be the same as always because it's all I have to hang onto -- but it's a lie! You don't understand what I've been through Hedy! I killed myself! I hated my life so much I killed msyelf! And then I went to Hell! And then I came back! To life! To Centerville! And Hedy -- I don't see any difference! Quote2
-- Hellcat

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Synopsis for "One Life to Live!"

Patsy Walker is being interviewed on TV and describes her early life as a teenage model,star of a comic book series and then, after meeting the Beast, an Avenger. Later she chats with Hedy Wolfe and Nick Scratch, mayor of Centreville, CA, where Patsy has settled. Hedy praises her for seeming so normal, but once inside her house, Patsy confesses she is actually deeply anguished, after having been to hell and come back. She recounts her experiences after marrying Daimon Hellstrom, killing herself and fighting endless battles in hell, and her resurrection by the Thunderbolts. She also tells Hedy that the new mayor Nicholas Scratch is a dark magician. Hedy wonders how she knows that, and Patsy says Mephisto never really let her go. Just then a group of ninja sorcerers attacks her. Patsy magicks herself into a new Hellcat costume and defeats them effortlessly. Then Scratch manifests and says he will come for her again. She decides to go confront him directly, in his sanctum in Room 7 at the Centreville Motel. She bursts in the room and they battle; he reveals he does not work for Mephisto, as she suspected, but rather Dormammu, who suddenly appears, summoned by Scratch’s ritual magic, and teleports Hellcat away.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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