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Synopsis for "The Bold and the Beautiful!"

Hellcat is shocked to find herself in Dormammu’s realm, and battles a scythe-wielding lackey. Dormammu says he is about to attack and conquer Mephisto’s realm, and from there, Earth. He teleports Hellcat away. In Hell, Mephisto has convened a meeting of all the underworld Hell-Lords, as he managed to discover Dormammu’s plan (presumably because of his connection to Hellcat). Mephisto, Pluto, Satannish, Hela, and Hellstrom argue amongst themselves. Pluto and Hela refuse to work with Mephisto and leave.

Hedy Wolfe visits Scarlet Witch at Avengers Mansion for help; she recounts Hellcat’s battle with Scratch and subsequent disappearance. Wanda agrees to help; though she is unable to contact Doctor Strange or Clea she calls Hank McCoy and asks him to meet them in Centerville. Meanwhile, Hellcat finds herself lost in Dormmamu’s realm, and witnesses his armies massing at the gateway to hell. She also finds Umar, Dormammu’s sister, trapped within a magical prison. Umar fruitlessly urges Hellcat to help her escape, and mocks her for having been married to Hellstorm.

Hellstrom abandons Mephisto and Satannish as Dormammu’s hordes invade. Hellcat moves closer to the portal to watch the invasion (also wondering where Hellstrom is, and then chiding herself for thinking of him). She is suddenly attacked by some of Dormammu’s demons, whom she fights off but falls into the portal to Mephisto’s realm, where she witnesses Satannish betray Mephisto on behalf of Dormammu, who reveals that he actually created Satannish long ago. Mephisto, now imprisoned, rages against Dormammu and Satannish; but Hellcat approaches to set him free.

Solicit Synopsis

Trapped in those nasty Nether Realms, Hellcat seems helpless in stopping the multiple underworlds from colliding in all-out war. What can one ordinary girl do to halt the all-powerful legions of Hell? Plenty, that is, if she happens to be Patsy Walker and she's been changed by death.

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