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Synopsis for "Passions!"

Hellcat frees Mephisto, who then immediately attacks her, but then realizes he must fight Dormammu first. Hellcat tells him he needs Daimon Hellstrom to fight Dormammu; he initially spurns her help but follows her once she reveals she can see the magical traps set for him. She leads him into Hellstrom’s realm, but he is enraged upon seeing her and refuses to help. As Hellstrom and Mephisto argue, Hellcat leaps into the next underworld, that of Pluto. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch and Hedy arrive at Patsy house to find a large group of assembled heroes, close allies of Hellcat’s who intend to serve as anchors during a séance.

Hellcat emerges from Hela’s realm, apparently having struck some bargain with her too. Then she descends back into the arena of tainted souls, to retrieve Mockingbird who is trapped there [it will turn out that Mockingbird was never dead, so this is the soul of the dead Skrull who replaced her]. She asks after Clint and eventually insists that Hellcat leave her behind, saying she is here for a reason. Dormammu gloats over his apparent conquest of Mephisto’s realm, and relishes reminded Satannish that he is nothing but his minion now.

The remaining hell lords summoned by Hellcat convene in Hellstrom’s realm. She convinces them to join hands and conjure a spell which converts the realms of hell into ice rather than fire (since hell is only a state of mind anyway). Since Dormammu is a creature of fire, he is vastly weakened, and is forced to flee with Nicholas Scratch. Mephisto returns through a portal to blast Satannish. Mephisto thanks Hellcat, but then claims her soul anyway. But Patsy lays out what she has learned about the hell lords—that Hellstrom’s father is in fact Satannish, not Satan, and he too, like Satannish, is merely a pawn of Dormammu.

Hellstrom’s head bursts into flame and he acknowledges the truth of this. Then he tries to attack Hellcat and claim her soul, but Mephisto protects her, and even sends her home, where she is surrounded by her friends.

Solicit Synopsis

Series conclusion. The lords of the Underworld wage war upon one another and their mystery opponent. Hellcat thinks she holds the key to victory, but to use it, Patsy Walker will have to bring about a fundamental change in the nature of Hell itself.

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