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The Hellcatmobile was Hellcat's personal car during her service with the Defenders. [1] The Hellcatmobile is a red sports car, its model being a Lola Mk1. [2] The car was purchased by Nighthawk of the Defenders for 50,000 dollars. He had Hellcat test drive it, and she fell in love with the vehicle. She ended up driving it on a permanent basis. [2]

Hellcat drove Valkyrie and Aaron English to the Empire State University, while they conspired to trap Lunatik. Hellcat noted that her driving license had expired, but she was using her Avengers' priority status to avoid getting stopped by traffic cops. [3]

When a group of the Defenders for a Day needed transportation, Hellcat offered to drive them to New York City. The car's limited spaces for passengers and Hellcat's poor driving skills caused problems for the team. [1]

The Hellcatmobile remained parked during the group's fight with the villainous Defenders. [1] [4] After the Defenders for a Day disbanded, Hellcat retrieved her car and headed out. She used the car to visit Millie Collins. [5]

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