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Early Years

Hellen Feliciano was a protégé of Ann "Auntie Freeze" Fraley, one of the leading female wrestlers of thirty years ago.[1] Feliciano was trained by Fraley and wrestled under the alias of Letha. Eventually, under Fraley's management, Letha teamed up with three other female wrestlers Fraley had trained -- Poundcakes, Screaming Mimi, and Titania -- to become the wrestling team known as the original Grapplers.[2]

Letha remained a member of the Grapplers throughout their early career, even when the team began their criminal activities. During the Grapplers' association with the Roxxon Oil Company, Letha was given special leather belts and straps with various weaponry stitched within them. With these new weapons, the Grapplers were sent to accompany Thundra to Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.'s research facility, where they were ordered to sabotage and destroy the facility's equipment. During the mission, Letha and Screaming Mimi fought Quasar, though they were eventually defeated and sent to prison.[3]

At Ryker's Island, Letha and the Grapplers rose to power. When Dazzler was imprisoned alongside them, the Grapplers attempted to kill her as punishment for Klaw's death. However, Dazzler managed to overcome the Grapplers when she reflected Screaming Mimi's voice back at them.[4]

When the Grapplers were paroled, they sought out the Thing in order to make him pay for his assistance in putting them in prison. The four ladies were ultimately defeated by Captain America and the X-Men, though they quickly recovered and joined dozens of supervillains who also wished to find the Thing. The army of supervillains was stopped by a large group of superheroes, and in the ensuing battle, Letha fought Sasquatch.[5]

Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation

Letha and the Grapplers soon found that the public had lost interest in the women's wrestling movement. However, Auntie Freeze assembled several new Grapplers and formed a women's division in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. Letha joined the federation and underwent treatment to gain superhuman strength and durability from the Power Broker. The Grapplers ended their lives of crime and became legitimate wrestlers, though Letha and the original Grapplers felt resentment towards the newcomers. One such newcomer, Battleaxe, made a splash with the Grapplers when she defeated Letha's best friend Titania and became spokesperson for the Grapplers. Losing the support of her teammates, Titania left for the showers only to be killed by the enigmatic vigilante Scourge, who was disguised as a female wrestler named Golddigger.[6]


Wishing to avenge her friend, Letha traveled to the Bar With No Name in Medina County, Ohio. She met with several other supervillains to discuss the Scourge of the Underworld. However, the Scourge disguised himself as a bartender and shot and killed each supervillain in attendance, including Letha.[7]


Years later, the Hood resurrected Letha, Titania (taking the new codename Lascivious), and several other victims of the Scourge.[8] The Hood bestowed new powers on Letha - the power to open the part of the brain that regulates aggression. This causes her opponents to go berserk with rage directed at anyone she chooses. She demonstrated her abilities by forcing her teammate Cyclone beat Mind-Wave.[9]

The Hood allowed the group to live as long as they killed the Punisher. In order to get the Punisher's attention, Letha used her powers on several veterans in a support group. The Punisher tracked Letha and Lascivious down, though they were also found by Spider-Man. Letha used her powers on Spider-Man to get him to kill Punisher, but he failed. Letha is later knocked out by a falling billboard during their escape. Lascivious uses her lust powers on Spider-Man, allowing them to escape from the Punisher.[10]

Letha and Lascivious took over leadership of the rest of the newly-revived villains, and led them on another mission to kill the Punisher. The Punisher discovered their plan and killed several of the villains. Frustrated, Letha used her powers on the survivors to seek out and kill the Punisher once and for all. When they next met, Letha lifted a bus full of civilians to throw at her enemy, but the Punisher managed to wrap her legs with an electrified whip. She dropped the bus on herself and later escaped the fight.[11]

Grapplers Reunited

Although they failed to kill the Punisher, the Hood allowed Letha and Lascivious to live as they were next seen reuniting the Grapplers. With Poundcakes and a brand new Screaming Mimi, Letha and Lascivious attacked the original Mimi, Songbird. However, Songbird managed to defeat her former teammates.[12]

Letha and Lascivious later became members of the Masters of Evil in Bagalia.[13] Letha also joined Poundcakes and the second Titania at a bar where Letha mocked Wonder Man's filmography.[14]

Letha, along with Poundcakes, most recently accepted an invitation to work as bodyguards for Pym Labs.[15] She and Poundcakes continued to work as professional wrestlers as part of the "Skrull Kill Krew".[16]



Originally, Letha possessed no superhuman powers.

Later, Letha underwent strength-augmenting processes to gain superhuman strength and slightly increased resistance to injury.[6]

After being resurrected by the Hood, Letha gained the power to stimulate the area of people's brains which caused them to become aggressive.[17] Letha was also seen with superhuman durability, able to withstand several explosions and vehicles falling on top of her.[18]



Letha's costume includes leather straps with various weapons and other equipment stitched into them. She often carried a rope for scaling walls as well.[1] On the mission to invade Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., Letha wore special sonic plugs in her ears so Screaming Mimi's wave frequency was filtered out.[3]

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