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Hellfire was the leader of the Elementals. Millenia ago, they established a kingdom of Earth, but were defeated when they tried to extend its reaches into the land that would later be known as Egypt, becoming banished to another dimension.[1] Nothing more was heard of the Elementals until the modern age when they transported the Living Mummy from New York City in order to enlist him in their search for the Ruby Scarab, which they sought to help them take control of the world.[1] After the Elementals took the city of Cairo hostage under a force field, Zephyr revealed herself to be opposed to the others, helping N'Kantu, Doctor Skarab and the others to defeat her former brethren.[2] These three Elementals were then banished from Earth by Alexi Skarab using the power of the Ruby Scarab.[3]

Hellfire alongside the other Elementals later returned to Earth in search of Zephyr and the Scarab. They fought Ms. Marvel and their former ally Hecate, they were defeated one by one.[4]



Hellfire can generate flames.

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