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Hellhound was a member of the Evolutionaries and the handler of Weapon Hex, a genetically and magically engineered girl Sarah Kinney and Herbert Wyndham wanted to raise to become a vessel for the eldritch god Mephicthton. Since Weapon Hex was a kid, Hellhound trained her to become the perfect assassin and they developed a rivalry. When Weapon Hex was seventeen years old, she started going with Hellhound on several missions. They confronted together the Covenant and the Midnight Guns.[1]

Following the death of Sarah, Weapon Hex attempted to escape from the Evolutionaries' Keep with her younger clone Gavrill and her nursemaid Bavel. They were intercepted by Wyndham and Hellhound. During the ensuing fight, Hellhound killed Bavel and dismembered Weapon Hex. Leaving her for dead, Hellhound helped Wyndham proceed with the possession ritual and they used Gavrill as a vessel instead. Weapon Hex pulled herself back together and disrupted the ritual. After fighting Hellhound, Weapon Hex killed her with a hex ray, reducing her to a pile of bones.[2]





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