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This page combines Hellhounds and Hel-Hounds, who are as far synonyms regarding the culture involved.



One of the Wolf Lords of the Wolf Men of Valusia (Elderspawn from Chthon), was Gramr, who was known as the "HELLhound."

He sired Garm,[2] described as a Hellhound,[1] who guards Hel.[2]

It is unclear if the Fire-Giant[8] Hel Wolf is to be considered a Hel-Hound.

Elder Earth

At the time of the "Elder Earth", Argon wished to hunt the Hound of Hell, but the beast was in fact a simple bait for the Devil to lure Argon in Hell and devour him.[7]

Modern Age

Olivier Stoker possessed a pack of Hell-Hounds collectively known as the Cerberuses.[6]

During the Fear, Loki invaded Hel and set his Hel Wolf upon Garm to distract her. This proved to be unnecessary: Eventually, they ceased fighting and mated, and Garm gave birth to a litter of seven pups, whom Hela delivered to Loki.[9]



Garmr, his spawn Garm and its grand-spawns Thori and its siblings; Cerberuses; Hound of Hell

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