Helliana was born on a farm not far from Yezud; when she was just a kid, Harpagus came by to demand half of her family's small herd of cattle. Her parents refused, so Harpagus had them slain on the spot, and then raped Helliana. Left alone, Helliana was only able to overcome her traumatic experience by blotting out her memory of her past.

Helliana spent her childhood and teen life growing up a thief on the streets of Arenjun who was determined to make it rich, no matter the cost. She and Sabo entered the ruined Elephant Tower, where they met Harpagus. She didn't recognize Harpagus as her childhood tormentor because of her mental block, so she agreed to bring Conan to him. She attempted to ambush the Cimmerian in Shadizar with the help of Robwood and Gahad[1].

As time passed, however, Helliana's memory of the tortures Harpagus had inflicted upon her eventually returned. Some time later, she came to rescue Conan as he was trapped by Zath in Arenjun, killing Abdol, but the lotus-mad Cimmerian mistook her for Zath and tried to kill her[2]. Once he recovered, she brought him to her place and cooked a Gruel, so that it would help Conan shake the lotus. When Captain Finar and his soldiers busted in, she escaped with Conan and brought him to the Tower of the Elephant, searching for the white lotus, the fasted antidote to the black lotus. When they finally confronted Zath, she threw herself into the fire, burning together with the Lord of the Spiders[3].

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