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After the establishment of the mutant nation of Krakoa, all mutants were granted Krakoan citizenship and welcomed on the island.[2] Though most Krakoan mutants rapidly adapted to life in this exclusively mutant society, some proved to be problematic cases to Krakoan authorities. Empath, Orphan-Maker, Nanny, Wild Child, Greycrow, and Havok were mutants considered by the Quiet Council of Krakoa to be dangers to themselves and others, as they either refused or were unable to temper their murderous tendencies. To solve the problem these mutants posed, Mister Sinister proposed to assign them to a special group in order to channel their unstable attitude into something productive to Krakoan interests, a group that was to be under his control. Psylocke was invited by Cyclops to act as a watchdog for the team, since her powers, personality, and training were considered to be adequate to handle the group. Unbeknownst to Cyclops, Sinister had captured a copy of Psylocke's dead daughters' consciousness and used it to ensure that Psylocke would steer the Hellions in the direction that best suited him.[3]

Sinister's first mission for his new team was to destroy his former orphanage's clone farms. He neglected to inform them that the Goblin Queen had taken residence in the orphanage and was now in control of his old Marauders.[3]

The Goblin Queen

Travelling to the orphanage, Greycrow almost immediately killed Empath after he used his powers to toy with Nanny. The Hellions were quickly ambushed by the zombified Marauders and their new mistress; the Goblin Queen. She was upset that, owing to her status as a clone of Jean Grey, she had not been invited to join the mutant nation of Krakoa. She planned to use her magic and Sinister's clonefarm to create an army of demon-possessed Marauders, whom she would unleash upon the island. All of the Hellions were captured except Wild Child and Psylocke. Owing to his animal nature, Wild Child attacked an injured Psylocke in an attempt to "establish dominance", but Psylocke managed to subdue him, earning her his unquestioned obedience.[4][1]

Madelyne tormented Havok and had her Marauders torture the remaining Hellions. While she left to bring the clone farm online, Psylocke and Wild Child managed to take down the Marauders and rescue Greycrow, Nanny, and Orphanmaker. With her influence spreading thin, Madelyne's control of the Marauders temporarily weakened, restoring their self-control. Greycrow sent the others away, claiming he would bring the Marauders home. As they left, he killed all of them, putting them out of their misery. He found Madelyne and Havok, and managed to assassinate her, foiling her plans. As his former lover died in his arms, Havok's murderous alter-ego emerged, and he destroyed the orphanage, with the others just barely escaping.[5]

Upon their return, Havok pleaded with the Quiet Council that Madelyne be resurrected and allowed to join Krakoan society, but his request was refused on the grounds of her being a clone.[5]

Journey to Arakko

The fallen mutant nation of Arakko, now controlled by the demonic elder god Annihilation, launched an invasion of Otherworld with the goal of conquering Earth and re-uniting with its lost half; Krakoa. The invasion was stopped through the intervention of Saturnyne, who managed to get the two warring sides to agree to a tournament to settle their differences. To enter the tournament, both sides were required to gather a number of specific swords and find their prophesized wielders.[6]

During a meeting of the Quiet Council to discuss this threat, Sinister proposed that his Hellions travel through Otherworld to Arakko and steal the swords of the Arakki champions, forcing them to forfeit the tournament and saving the Earth. To Sinister's horror, the Council also voted that he personally lead the Hellions. Sinister thawed out a clone to take his place (after a game of rock-paper-scissors to settle which Sinister would be going).[7]

Arriving in Otherworld they received the aid of King Jamie of Avalon. They quickly ran into trouble however, as King Jaime had tricked them by giving them a horse he had stolen from Saturnyne. When Saturnyne's guards attacked them, Empath refused to use his powers to save them unless Sinister agreed to give him Greycrow as a pet, as revenge for Greycrow killing him. Sinister quickly agreed, and the team set off towards Arakko.[7]

After a long and painful journey, the Hellions reached Arakko, where they encountered Tarn the Uncaring, the Genomic Mage of Arakko and an omega-level mutant. Tarn informed them that the Arakki champions had long since departed and that the tournament was already well under way, meaning the Hellions had come in vain. Using his telepathic powers, Tarn also revealed to the Hellions that Sinister's true purpose in coming to Arakko was to claim the genetic material of its mutants for his collection. On Sinister's request, Tarn summoned his own group of mutants; the Locus Vile. Sinister immediately unleashed several genetic collection drones, stealing the genetic material of Tarn and his Locus Vile.[8]

Enraged, Tarn ordered his Locus Vile to murder the intruders. Empath immediately fled, Nanny, Wildchild, and Orphanmaker were killed, while Havok was grievously wounded. Sinister ordered Psylocke to take the genetic material he had gathered back to Krakoa, reminding her that her daughter's fate was in his hands. Psylocke, Greycrow and Havok fled back to Krakoa, while Sinister was mutilated. Just as they arrived on Krakoa, the original Sinister appeared and killed all of them, in order to protect his secret.[8]

The Hellions were resurrected, and as a result of dying in Arakko, Nanny, Orphan-Maker and Wildchild were enhanced.[9]

Fighting The Right

As a result of his mutant power, Orphan-Maker required a suit that suppressed his gift to allow him to function normally. The suit could only be made by Nanny's ship, which had been taken by the mutant-hating organization the Right. Sinister sent the Hellions into the Right's base to steal back the ship.[9]

The Hellions succeeded in entering the base, and fought an android copy of Cameron Hodge and his army of mutant-hunting robots. When Empath tricked the android Hodge into ordering his own machines to fire on him, in order to prove he was the real Hodge, the Hellions' mission was successful. Hodge's machines were infected with the techno-organic virus, allowing them to evolve and think for themselves. They expressed gratitude to the Hellions for freeing them from Hodge. Just as the formerly mutant-hating A.I. had declared mutants to be their friends, Psylocke received orders from Magneto to upload a hostile virus that would destroy the A.I.. The virus was uploaded, and the machines destroyed. Unbeknownst to the others, Nanny had saved an "infant" robot, and took it with her to Krakoa.[10]


After Sinister went missing during a meeting with Mastermind, the Hellions were dispatched to retrieve him. They met with Mastermind, who used his powers of illusion to disable them, revealing that Sinister, and now they, had been captured by Arcade.[11] Arcade had kidnapped Mastermind's daughter and was using her to ensure his compliance, forcing him to use his powers to keep the Hellions trapped in illusions. He captured Sinister in order to force him to construct a clonefarm he could use for his Murderworld.[12]

After being trapped in the illusion for a week, Psylocke called out to Scalphunter. She gradually began merging their illusions until they were able to reunite, and began to bring the other Hellions into the same illusion as well. She was eventually able to break free of the illusion, and attacked Arcade, destroying his robot bodyguard. Before she could strike down Mastermind as well, he stopped her and used his powers to seize control of Arcade. He convinced Arcade's underling to free his daughter, while Sinister emerged and explained that he and Mastermind had planned this together. This way, Sinister had a clonefarm without the knowledge of the Council, and Mastermind would force Arcade to keep working on a special project for Sinister. With the intervention of the Hellions, he had eye-witnesses corroborating his version of the story, leaving the Council none the wiser. In order to ensure Psylocke's compliance, he moved her daughter's consciousness to the new facility, tying her fate to that of the clonefarm.[13]

Mastermind used his powers to make the Hellions believe they had rescued Sinister in a blaze of glory, as they all returned to Krakoa.[13]

Hellfire Gala & The Return of Tarn

In order to celebrate Krakoa and mutantkind's new advanced position, a gala was arranged for mutantkind's allies and enemies. Sinister, Kwannon and Havok were invited, but the rest of the Hellions were not. They soon decided to crash the party, and caused a huge brawl before they were kicked out. As they returned to Krakoa, they telepathically witnessed the terraformation of Mars and the transfer of the now liberated mutant nation of Arakko from Earth to Mars. Unbeknownst to them, they were watched by the clone of Mr. Sinister that had perished in Arakko.[14]

The clone had in fact been captured by Tarn, who bent him to his will. The clone returned to confront the original Sinister. The two began fighting, and Sinister summoned his Hellions. He revealed that he had been sent by Tarn to prepare the way for him, as his Locus Vile suddenly appeared.[15]

Tarn, who held a seat on the Great Ring of Arakko, was initially forbidden from his colleagues from interfering with Krakoa. He swore he would leave the island alone, but when his Locus Vile found Sinister, he broke his vow and appeared on Krakoa, immediately incapacitating the Hellions and interrupting their battle against the Locus Vile. He confronted Sinister and used his powers to reveal to the Hellions that Sinister had killed them after their return from Arakko to protect his secrets. Before the Hellions could turn on him, Sinister activated all his frozen clones, unleashing them on Tarn and the Vile. He managed to convince his erstwhile clone to come with him by uttering one word; chimera, and fled to his secret clonefarm, ordering the Hellions to stay and distract Tarn.[16]

As Tarn and the Vile made quick work of the clones and the Hellions, Psylocke offered to tell Tarn where Sinister had gone if he would spare their lives. Upon gleaning the location and what Sinister intended to do from Psylocke's mind, an enraged Tarn teleported away to confront Sinister. Psylocke confessed to the other Hellions where Sinister had gone and that she had known of his manipulating them all along. Enraged, Greycrow murdered two of the Vile and fed one of them; Amino Fetus. Doing so meant that Amino Fetus would evolve into his final form, causing the end of the universe. Mother Rapture warned Tarn, who re-appeared and begged Greycrow to stop. Greycrow refused, and after he fed Amino Fetus, Tarn was forced to teleport away in order to throw Amino Fetus into a black hole and save all of creation.[17]

The Hellions followed Sinister, and learned what he had been working on; a chimera of himself and Tarn, creating a Sinister with the godlike powers of Tarn himself. While the Hellions initially wished to destroy the facility, Psylocke confessed that Sinister had her daughter, and that doing so would kill her. The Hellions stood down, but Empath revealed himself to be an agent of the Quiet Council. Using his powers, he brought out Havok's murderous alter-ego, prompting him to destroy the facility.[17]

End of the Hellions

Following the mission, the team began to fall apart. Psylocke was haunted by the death of her daughter, and decided to leave Krakoa. Greycrow swore he would kill Empath once and for all for continuing to use his powers on his teammates, Nanny rejected Orphan-Maker telling him he was a grown man now, and Havok was distraught for having inadvertently killed Psylocke's daughter. The Right kidnapped Nanny's robot "child", prompting her to lash out at Orphan-Maker. Distraught, he went off on his own to go save the "child".[18]

Psylocke volunteered to go after Orphan-Maker and was soon joined by the rest of the Hellions. While Empath wanted to join them, he was rejected for betraying the team's trust. Desperate to prove himself to Nanny, Orphan-Maker single-handedly stormed the Right's base and rescued the child. Nanny found him while the rest of the Hellions fought off the Right's enhanced soldiers. She took the child from her, only for it to kill her, as its mutant-hating code activated. Orphan-Maker was heartbroken and went on a rampage, killing all of the Right scientists and soldiers he came across. The commotion attracted two park rangers, who came upon Orphan-Maker's rampage. They drew their weapons and ordered him to stand down, and blinded by rage, he killed them. The Hellions found him exhausted and begging for forgiveness.[19]

The Hellions were taken before the Quiet Council to be judged for the death of the humans. Their former patron Sinister argued that they all be thrown into the pit. After a lengthy investigation, it was found that Orphan-Maker alone was responsible for the deaths of the humans, and he was sentenced to exile in the Pit. The Hellions and Nightcrawler tried to argue in his defense, but the Council voted that he was guilty. Nanny walked in on the meeting, and after being told what had happened, demanded she be exiled along with him, threatening to kill as many humans as it took unless the Council granted her request.[19]

After this, the team went their separate ways. Empath tried to rejoin his original Hellions teammates, but they rejected him. Even as he used his powers to make them love him, he realized he had lost the closest thing to friends he had ever had. Unbeknownst to him, Greycrow was standing by to assassinate him, but was stopped by Kwannon who talked him down. He confessed his feelings for her soon thereafter, and they began a relationship, both remaining on the island. Wildchild agreed to take medications to control his animal side, while Havok was rewarded for his part in stopping Sinister with the resurrection of Madelyne Pryor, who was now allowed to remain on the island.[19]

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