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Synopsis for "Gatecrashing"

Mr. Sinister, Havok and Psylocke prepare to leave for the Hellfire Gala. The rest of the Hellions are left behind, as they are not invited. Psylocke places Greycrow in charge of the others. Rather than stay behind and train, as Psylocke told them to, Greycrow decides to take the others and crash the gala.

Empath uses his powers to sneak them in, and they immediately begin causing disturbances. Nanny embarrasses Sinister in front of Black Panther and Thor while Wildchild runs into his ex Aurora who becomes overwhelmed with emotion and runs away when he asks her for a dance. Havok avoids his teammates and speaks to Magneto about the rules preventing the resurrection of clones such as Madelyne Pryor. Magneto is unsympathetic but Polaris arrives and takes him for a drink. Greycrow goes to the bar and finds Kwannon, who tells Quentin Quire to let the Hellions stay.

An upset Wildchild finds Greycrow and Kwannon at the bar. Greycrow comforts him and tells him to go after Aurora again. Orphan-Maker nags Empath to let him try alcohol and Empath eventually uses his powers to make him happier and less scared, effectively making him drunk. Nanny meanwhile has consumed copious amounts of alcohol and continues to embarrass Sinister. Wildchild approaches Aurora again only to see her with her new boyfriend Daken. He attacks Daken, and Greycrow goes to break up the fight. Mistaking this for an innocent wrestling match, the drunken Orphan-Maker jumps in and grapples down Greycrow. Taking advantage of the situation, Nanny breaks a bottle and attacks Sinister. As Empath enjoys the chaos on the sidelines he is attacked by Roulette and Catseye who beat him bloody in retaliation for him once making them try to kill each other.

Tired of the scene, Magneto and Magik capture and teleport them away. Psylocke escorts the Hellions, except Alex who stay at the party, home. A child emerges from the portal and tells them they're missing the fireworks. Psylocke uses her telepathy to show them what everyone else is seeing. They stand and marvel at the sight. Behind them, the Sinister clone that was killed in Amenth has returned to Krakoa and wonders what they're staring at.

Solicit Synopsis


Who thought it was a good idea to invite the antisocial HELLIONS to the fanciest bash of the year? Oh, no one? They weren’t invited but they showed up anyway? Yeah, that sounds about right.

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