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Quote1.png When I come to punish you, I want to know how many orphans it will make. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Love Bleeds"

Madelyne Pryor has Havok restrained against a wall of the clone farm in the lower levels of Mr. Sinister’s former orphanage. She tells Alex that Sinister’s machinations over the years have worn away the barrier between Earth and Hell. Demon arms emerge from the wall and paw at Havok as Madelyne begins a spell to wake the hundreds of Marauder clones that will become her army.

Nearby, Arclight feeds on a wounded Greycrow while Riptide, Blockbuster, and Harpoon finally crack open Nanny’s armor. But before the clones can begin their feast, Psylocke and Wild Child attack and save their teammates. Psylocke slashes Riptide’s throat with his own throwing star, then tosses Harpoon’s harpoon to Greycrow, who uses it to cut himself free. Greycrow turns on Arclight - now caught between him and Psylocke - when the clone farm powers on, cousin the building to tremble. Arclight tells Greycrow that Madelyne’s psychic control over her is waning. Greycrow gives Psylocke directions to the clone farm’s underground control room and tells her and the rest of the Hellions to go and leave the corrupted Marauders to him. The Hellions head down to the tunnels while Greycrow constructs a pistol from the material on his vest. He tells Arclight he can fix what Madelyne did to her and the others, then methodically kills his old teammates.

Moving through the tunnels, Psylocke, Wild Child, Nanny, and Orphan-Maker come upon the vats Sinister used to dispose of the Marauder clones he deemed defective. Nanny is heartbroken by the discovery. Psylocke tells the group to head for the surface.

As Madelyne prepares Havok to be sacrificed, she realizes Alex’s mind was fractured long before he saw her again. She asks him what happened, but is shot in the chest by Greycrow before Alex can answer. The demon arms restraining Havok retreat and he rushes to Madelyne’s side. As Madelyne’s life begins to fade, she casts a spell to heal the wounds on Havok’s face. She says sadly that she only wanted everyone to know she was real, then dies in Havok’s arms.

Cosmic energy begins to radiate around Havok until he lets out an anguished scream and releases a massive plasma blast that rocks the entire building. The rest of the Hellions scramble to escape the crumbling orphanage. Greycrow is the last one out, crashing through a window as white energy pulses behind him. The building collapses while the Hellions look on. When the dust clears, Alex stands, weak and disoriented, at the center of the destruction. He asks his teammates what happened; Wild Child says they really are all crazy and begins to laugh. Havok and Greycrow join in.

A report filed to the Quiet Council deems the mission a success. It outlines that the former Marauders are due to for the resurrection protocols, and that while Havok experienced a dissociative episode, Emma Frost determined he dose not need further psychic treatment. The primary outstanding question is whether Madelyne Pryor was more than just a clone of Jean Grey, and is thus eligible for resurrection.

Across Krakoa, the Hellions deal with the aftermath of the events in Nebraska. Psylocke and Wild Child visit Greycrow as he watches the sunset on the beach. Kwannon tells John that his former teammates are approved for eventual resurrection, but John says the old Marauders aren’t his business anymore. At Bar Sinister, Cyclops breaks the news to Havok that the Quiet Council denied Madelyne’s resurrection. Scott leaves his brother in tears as Mr. Sinister watches from the shadows. Nanny suddenly appears at Sinister’s side and coldly says she knows what he’s done. Sinister angrily tells her he doesn’t have to answer to anyone; he’s the reason resurrection is possible on Krakoa, and every mutant on the island is his child. Nanny asks him how many mutants have been resurrected so that she knows how many children will become orphans when she comes for Sinister.

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Krakoa’s resident rabble are up against the grand dame of the damned — the Goblin Queen, Madelyne Pryor! Talk about a return that could raise some havoc!


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